Shenzhen City, Asia and the United States Xin Plastic Products Co., Ltd. was established more than 10 years, self-built plant more than 10,000 square feet (Huizhou City, Asia and the United States Xin Industrial Co., Ltd.); (Hong Kong Asia and the United States Plastic Co., Ltd., Australia Asia and the United States Xin signs Plastic Co., Ltd.) There are two sets of six-axis CNC machining products, Taiwan imported 1890CNC aluminum mold making machine 2. thick film, thick plate plastic machine 15, CNC engraving machine 23, laser machine two, computer laminating machine, slicer , The feeder machine 5. High frequency heat capacity, the Ministry of injection 1500 square, silk screen department 1000 square, plastic Shouban sector 1000 square. Acrylic products 1,500 square meters and other advanced import production equipment, specializing in the production of thick. Thin. Blister molding. Acrylic products, plastic display stand, and other modern manufacturing enterprises. Design mold technician, equipment operation technician. Twenty years experience in engineering and technical master, management personnel, to adapt to mass production.

Imported high-quality sheet acrylic, ABS, PC, PS, PP, APET, PVC, PET, PET-G, HIPS and other materials, custom plating, gold, silver, flocking, anti-static, fuel injection, silk screen and other special products. Product thickness [0.14-10 mm special plastic. Molding maximum size 3 m * 2 m * 0.7 m], plastic display stand. Toy shell, refrigerator liner, blister light box, air conditioning shell, TV rear cover, heat capacity Folding plastic box, plastic hand plate, acrylic technology manufacturing, automotive plastic shell, beauty car plastic cover, electric care bed, plastic display stand, large machine plastic cover, and other industries packaging. Company quality management, and pursuing a "quality-oriented, honest to the letter" business philosophy to win-win for the faith. "Proofing quickly, on time delivery, the price is reasonable, quality and stability" is the operating principle of the enterprise. The company is willing to wholeheartedly for domestic and foreign customers with the best quality service, welcomed the call guide.

The 11th anniversary of the establishment of the celebration (there are 23 overseas customers and 47 participants in Hong Kong) have a picture to see, please exhibitions. Alibaba integrity for six years. Please take a look.

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