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Ya Mei Xin Hou Plastic Suction Major in Environmental Protection

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       Children's toys or articles made of anti-bacterial thick plastic absorbers can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria and are healthier for children; thick plastic absorbers made of coconut shell can achieve full degradation, pollution-free and more environmentally friendly.... Yesterday morning, the 15th China Plastic Expo opened in Yuyao. With the wider application of thick plastic absorbers, energy saving and environmental protection become the trend of development.
Thick plastic absorption with antimicrobial reagent can also be antimicrobial
Children use thick plastic toys for a long time, parents always think about how to disinfect, if the use of anti-bacterial thick plastic materials, parents will be more worried. At the plastic exposition, Sinopec (600028, stock bar) Beijing Institute of Chemical Engineering showed children's carts, toys and so on produced with antimicrobial thick plastic absorption. In order to increase the credibility of customers, an antimicrobial test report was also displayed.
"This is a new achievement we developed last year. Tests show that the antimicrobial rate of thick plastic suction against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus reaches 99%, and the price is only about 5% higher than that of plastics." Staff members said that the reason why plastics can resist bacteria is that nano-composite antimicrobial reagent is added to it. This reagent can be applied to almost all plastic materials, just like monosodium glutamate, making ordinary plastics become "antimicrobial plastics". Antimicrobial thick plastic absorption can be used to produce toys, tableware, household goods and so on. At present, it should be used in washing machine internals and children's cars. Use.
Thick plastic absorption made of coconut shell can degrade completely
About 80% of energy-saving and environmental protection products were produced at this year's Plastic Expo. A German company introduced a thick plastic-absorbing material made of coconut shell. The biggest feature is that it can degrade and be more environmentally friendly. "This kind of thick plastic is made of coconut shell or hemp. It can be made into bowls, dolls and so on. Children don't have to worry about harm even if they eat toys in their mouths." Staff members introduced that this kind of plastic made of coconut has the disadvantage of brittleness. It can only be used as appearances, but not as structural parts.
Many degradable disposable tableware can not be completely degraded because of the material relationship. At yesterday's plastic exposition, Ningbo Institute of Materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences, showed a kind of heat-resistant polylactic acid lunch box. The main materials are corn starch and lactic acid. The lunch box can be completely degraded in natural environment for several months, leaving no trace, and can withstand the high temperature of 120 degrees Celsius. Staff members said that the price of this kind of lunch box is more expensive than ordinary ones. It is very popular in European and American countries and has a market prospect in China.
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