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Ya Meixin, an expert in thick sheet plastic absorption

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Shenzhen Yameixin Plastic Products Co., Ltd. has been established for more than 10,000 square meters (Huizhou Yameixin Industrial Co., Ltd.); (Hong Kong Yameixin Plastic Co., Ltd., Australia Yameixin Brand Plastics Co., Ltd.) has two CNC processing products with six axes and two 1890 CNC aluminium mould manufacturing machines imported from Taiwan. Thick sheets, 15 thick plate suction machines, 23 CNC engraving machines, two laser machines and computers. Five sets of film leveling machine, slicing machine and feeding machine, 1500 square meters of high cycle heat capacity machine, injection unit, 1000 square meters of screen printing department, 1000 square meters of plastic hand plate department, 1500 square meters of acrylic process products and other advanced imported production equipment, specializing in producing thick, thin, large and small vacuum suction moulding. Acrylic products, plastic display shelves and other modern manufacturing enterprises. Design die technicians, equipment operation technicians. More than 20 years of experience in engineering technicians, managers, to adapt to large-scale mass production. Import high-quality sheet materials such as acrylic, ABS, PC, PS, PP, APET, PVC, PET, PET-G, HIPS and so on. Customize special products such as electroplating, gold, silver, flocking, antistatic, oil spraying, silk printing and so on. Product thickness [0.14-10mm special plastic absorption. Max size 3m*2m*0.7m], plastic display rack, toy car shell, refrigerator inner liner, plastic light box, air conditioning shell, TV back cover, heat capacity folding box, plastic hand plate, acrylic process manufacturing, automobile plastic shell, beauty car rubber cover, electric nursing bed, plastic display rack, large machine rubber cover, etc. industry packaging. Company quality management, adhere to the "quality-based, honest" business philosophy, win-win as the belief. Quick proofing, punctual delivery, reasonable price and stable quality are the business principles of enterprises. The company is willing to wholeheartedly provide customers at home and abroad with the best quality service, welcome to call guidance.

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